You won’t have any problem finding a licensed real estate agent in Jackson Hole; however only a few of those agents are familiar with the commercial market, and Contour Investment Properties is the only firm to specialize in commercial real estate brokerage.

The first, and most obvious, difference between residential and commercial brokers centers on the difference between a purchase and a lease agreement. A lease has many different moving parts and many of those components represent an expense to the Tenant. A lease is a working document that defines the relationship between Landlords and their Tenants for years, whereas a purchase is fixed at the closing. Lease negotiations have only just begun with the agreement of the initial monthly rate. Terms such as the renewal options, whether the lease is a “Gross Lease” or a “Triple Net” agreement that passes certain expenses on to the Tenant, insurance requirements, and so on, are critical elements in a lease negotiation and a marked difference from the purchase of the same commercial property.

In a market like Jackson Hole, the sale of a business is very often contingent on the binding provisions of the lease agreement that the new owners would assume. Leases are complicated legal documents to negotiate, but they can easily become the basis of a future negotiation when the Tenant, or business, needs to find new space, when ownership changes, when the existing tenant needs to find more square footage, or even downsize as the case may be. You want a knowledgeable professional to help you negotiate your lease.

Another skill set that the commercial brokers at Contour Investment Properties offer is a detailed understanding of zoning requirements within the Town of Jackson and the outlying commercial centers through Teton County. Commercial real estate is governed differently by the Town of Jackson and Teton County. Required setbacks, permitted Floor Area Ratios (“F.A.R’s”), parking provisions, fees-in-lieu for employee housing and/or parking requirements, sewer hook ups, handicap access, sign codes and height restrictions are just a few of the items that impact any investment in commercial property, from new development to redevelopment, and will affect Tenants and Landlords differently.

Finally, it’s obvious that a multi-family condominium building is very different from a single family residence. Commercial real estate also varies widely from warehouse buildings to retail space on the Town Square, from office buildings to multi-use structures with a variety of tenant. Only a commercial specialist can guide you through the complexities of each respective market, the trends in each markets and the elements that determine value.

Contour Investment Properties can help you identify the properties that suit your objectives (be that: Tenant, Landlord or Ownership). Navigating the myriad planning regulations, knowing how to explain and negotiate the variables in a lease agreement, and helping landlords find creditworthy tenants are just a few examples of the services we provide that are outside the parameters of residential real estate.

Contour Investment Properties specializes in the commercial real estate market in Jackson. Our experience in the commercial market provides a significant advantage for our customers and clients. Put that specialized skill set to work for you!