Jackson Hole Commercial Real Estate

Gregory M Hawkins and Hanna H Krueger, Diamond R Ranch LLC

Although we grew up in Jackson in the 1950-70s and knew this community well, we didn’t know all the challenges involved in renting our commercial property on West Broadway.   But James Mathieu did.   A real professional, his personal qualities were as important as his years of experience.  His persistent, creative, gracious ways smoothed the edges of personalities, eased apprehensions and deftly kept things moving forward.
He was our steady guide through negotiations and counter-negotiations.  Always the optimist, he helped us persevere through problematic prospects.  He listened  to our needs and ensured they were satisfied in the final tenant contract.  We appreciate James’ practiced hand and trustworthiness.
Without reservations, we recommend James Mathieu to anyone who wants the services of a quality real estate broker.